Universal Saw

Thanks to its easy handling, the ripsaw from Eurotec can be used as an ideal complement to the electric saws commonly used in timber construction.
One clear advantage over classic hand-operated ripsaws is the alternating triple-ground trapezoidal toothing, which allows fine yet rapid cutting with little expenditure of force. With a length of 500 mm, the saw blade cuts only on the pushing stroke and has extra posthardening in the cutting area, delivering a significant reduction in wear. The comfortable handle offers sufficient space for each hand and allows precise handling, as well as optimum force transmission.

  • Alternating triple-ground trapezoidal toothing
    • Fine cuts
    • Low force exertion
    • Time saving due to high cutting speed
  • Comfortable handle with non-slip rubber inlay
    • Optimum handling
  • Extra posthardening on toothing
    • Less wear
  • Saws timber, timber-based materials and plastic
  • Handle with 45° and 90° guides for use as an angle template

Please note:

  • The cutting surfaces are very sharp
  • Practise handling before first use to avoid injuries

Product table

Art. no. Total length PU EAN
800405 500 mm 1 Pieces 4251314702678